In today’s economy, many real estate owners are having difficulty obtaining financing.  Banks are tightening lending requirements due to market conditions and federal regulations.  This is especially true for owners of real estate other than single family owner occupied residential properties.  This creates a need for private financing, also known as hard money lending.  Hard money lending is making a loan to an individual or entity using the private funds of an individual or a retirement plan.

Silver Jack Capital is a hard money lender based in Ouray County, Colorado.   We provide hard money real estate loans secured by property located throughout Colorado. We make hard money loans secured by retail, office, industrial, mixed use, and apartments.  We will also do loans secured by vacant land and we will do fix and flip loans.

As a private hard money lender using our own funds and the funds of private investors, we are able to make quicker underwriting decisions.  We will not require the time and documentation that banks do and we do not have a loan committee.  Our primary consideration when making an underwriting decision on a hard money loan is the value of the property.